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Since reviving our community-based band, we are in the process of updating our membership list. In order to do this, we need every community member with a connection to this band to submit a new application along with supporting lineage documentation proving your connection to the band. 

We encourage you to reach out to your families to compile one package containing all the documentation you need to prove your Indigenous ancestry. That way, others in your family can simply submit their birth certificate with their application and tie it into that bloodline connection. If you have status, then you can contact Indigenous Services to obtain a copy of your file, which should have all the documentation you need. If you do not have status, you will need to work with your families to collect the appropriate documents proving your ancestry.

Before applying for membership, please review our guidelines to ensure you are eligible to become a member. 


To apply for membership, we will need a completed application and your supporting lineage documentation. You can do this in 2 ways:


  1. You can either print off this APPLICATION and either drop it off at the housing office or email it with your supporting documentation to the band at, or

  2. You can submit the application online below and follow up by emailing your supporting documentation to


To make changes to your membership (name changes, births, deaths, etc.), please contact the band via the contact form here or by email. 

Online Membership Application

Elmastukwek First Nation online Membership Application

Thanks for applying for membership. Please make sure you submit your proof of lineage documents as well. We'll get back to you once your application is processed.

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